Simplified Hypertext Advertising Revenue Designs


S H A R D (Simplified Hypertext Advertising Revenue Designs) is a service provided by Jezweb to Australian businesses looking to diversify their revenue sources with simplified hypertext advertising with revenue designs. A revenue design is a website that is optimised for the monetization of a domain name and could include a banner like the one below from Amazon which of course apart from being a simplified example is a practical demonstration of how this website and domain name are monetised (monetized) for Jezweb, and Australian internet marketing business with over two decades of experience in website design.

There are many other forms of monetisation such as Amazon shopping cart affiliate links, blog review and comparison affiliate links, Google Adsense and more.

If your business has a website address (domain name) that you would like to monetise we welcome your enquiry to discuss how we can assist. We’re sure you will agree that with our advice on the selection of an optimal domain name such as this one and the technical know how of our web marketing team your internet presence can create a positive return on investment well into the future.

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